Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Like Twitter, But Like Texting? Then Tweet Like You Text

Yesterday, I read an article on how the Chinese are creating their own version of Twitter. Actually, I learned of the story by browsing a snarky website, which linked to the article about the Chinese version of Twitter via snarky anchor text: "Chinese figure out way to make Twitter even more boring."

The notion that Twitter is boring intrigued me, but before I even had a chance to digest the thought, the snark reared its head again, this time during today's morning drive. Said the announcer reading the script of a radio advertisement, "Did you ever think 140 characters could make your friends seem so boring?"

All this snark got me to thinking:

Yes, especially for the uninitiated, Twitter can be boring. But do we get bored texting? Typically, no -- at least for me, texting can be engrossing, even time-wasting. With the right "textee," I rarely get bored. Texts can be downright entertaining.

Maybe there's a solution here. Are you having trouble "getting into" Twitter? Are you having trouble "feeling it"? Well, Twitter gives you 140 characters, just like Short Message Service (SMS text) does, but with a bunch of bells and whistles. If you like texting, pretend you're texting on Twitter. See what happens. Actually, let me know what happens. Let me know if it helps you to like Twitter, or if it does nothing. I'm curious.