Monday, May 5, 2008

Plaster yourself all over the Web with Web 2.0

I won't burden my readers with too many details of the Sunday morning traffic jam I encountered yesterday. Yes, I just wrote Sunday morning. Let's just say one of the two major thruways to Massachusetts from Central South New Hampshire had transformed into a parking lot at a key intersection of highways south of the state border. I use that term, "parking lot," literally: Cars were parked. The guy in front of me opened his door and walked out into the median to survey the situation. The guy in front of him did likewise. They shook hands. I didn't know they knew each other. Maybe they didn't, but I joined them, and we tailgated.

No, we didn't tailgate. I also just lied about joining them. But you get the point, I did get out of my car, and the standstill did last a good 25 minutes. Fortunately, this wasn't long enough to keep me from arriving in Cambridge, Mass., in time for the day's festivities at the Branding & Promotion Lab, an installment in a series of events that the National Speakers Association has produced this year to present ideas on how professional speakers can, well, brand and promote themselves.

A longtime colleague of mine (note: link includes automatic sound generation) was there to give a presentation on his phenomenal success in regularly attracting major news media hits. I was there to co-present, and took the stage at about 10am to share my thoughts on how professional speakers can post high-quality content online to plaster themselves all over the search engine pages, and how this can, in turn, be a powerful pull-marketing tactic to win business.

Later this week I'll share more on the concept of a direct-to-consumer news release campaign, a simple yet effective approach to public relations online that often achieves these very objectives. I'll also take the 50,000-foot view of news media relations vs. public relations. Yes, they're different, and this fact speaks volumes about just about anyone's PR objectives online.


Susan Friedmann said...

Brent you did an awesome job at the NSA Branding & Promotions Lab. You're a true expert. I look forward to learning more from you.
Susan Friedmann, CSP
Author: "Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market."

April Braswell said...

Hi Brent,

I figure any man who snapped Jennifer off the market is BRILLIANT and knows a thing or two about marketing and sales.

Must be sage!

Hmmm. I wonder when we will get to MEET YOU!

All the best,

Romance Coach, Online Personals Coach, Online Dating Coach, Romantic Relationship Coach

Brent Skinner said...

Susan...thank you for the kind words. I was impressed by the other speakers there. Jill Conrath's ideas around collaborative e-books, for instance, struck me as particularly useful. If the Cambridge line-up was any indication, the August event in Manhattan ought to be fantastic.

Brent Skinner said...

April...nice to see you visiting the blog. Yes, Jenn is a find for sure. I suppose I'm showing my biases, being her husband and all, but she has spared me, an ignoramus when it comes to fashion, from many a clothing-related debacle. ...